What is PDX11?

PDX11 is a grassroots initiative led by the software and technology community of Portland, Oregon, and supported by resources from both the PDC and the mayor’s office. We aim to put Portland on the global map as the place to go when looking for software talent and investment opportunities.

We are a community of software industry professionals, local government leaders and interested citizens eager to make this goal a reality. If you are passionate about software and the future of Portland, please join us. There’s more than enough room at the table for you!

We’re All About Networking
PDX11 consists of three interconnecting and collaborative networks. They are:

The Financing Network strives to ensure that companies have all the talent, funding and guidance they need in order to thrive. This network creates a conduit to help software companies gain access to financial capital and expertise along with the additional resources needed for industry growth.

The Mentoring Network connects people to peers and seasoned experts in the Portland area software community. By enabling access to relevant local resources, it works to build a networked and sustainable software industry here in Portland.

Lastly, a Knowledge Network brings cohesion and connection to software user groups. These unsung heroes make critical contributions to the thriving open source community, lending technical expertise and community building as Portland establishes itself as a vibrant place to write software.

Get Involved
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PDX11 is a community project formed by the community for the community, so if you're passionate about the sustainable growth of the software industry, we want to hear from you! Check out upcoming meetings on calagator or email us here for more info. Also, sign up here to join our community email list. It's one of the quickest ways to stay current in the PDX11 community!

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