Dimitri Zafirov And The Principles Of Digital Art

  • Posted on: 24 October 2019
  • By: admin

Real artistic creation can never be replaced by computers and other technology. But it can be enhanced, duplicated, recreated, modified, and reproduced for different purposes. Somehow, digital technology and real artistic talent work together to accomplish different purposes and goals. But what principles do we have in digital art that we can use as we utilize this new era of technology? Here are some of them in this article.

The principle of inspiration and motivation

What inspires and motivates one artist to create their artwork is a thing of beauty. It is somehow a mystery to many that only the artists can explain. However, at times, they cannot explain what it is.

The point is that there should be a source of what they would create, and that is their inspiration. Some artists would draw their inspiration from their experiences. While some would draw their inspiration from people and things around them. DimitriZafirov expertly explains this to help young artists find the source of their inspiration drawing them out on their artistic piece. Get more interesting details about pixel art on https://twitter.com/athanzafirov.

The principle of observation

To be able to create a remarkable artwork, one must have the power to observe. Observation is the key, so your art can impact other people. Well, at least you can put your artwork into perspective and be able to accomplish it. With your power of observation, you can place all the necessary details in your artwork. In fact, you can make it as accurate as possible.

The principle of balance and contrast

What makes an artwork enjoyable to watch is how the artist places the details in perfect balance. Another thing of beauty is how they put all things in contrast with other things like the colors and different values. If the artist knows how to create all this stuff, they can simply do all these things on their computer.

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