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  • Posted on: 24 February 2020
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Any business today goes online marketing which requires them to come up with a website. Not all businesses employ people with the skill in web design which prompts the company to hire someone expert in the said job. After all, websites contributes to the success of the company. A certain website should communicate to people and viewers about the product and services offered by the company. It is just proper that the website should be created well.

Mostly, companies who would like to create a website communicates and ask help from web design agency. This is to make sure that the company’s website is created professionally.

What comprise a web design agency?

If you are just a freelance web developer, you can work the job alone but it takes time. As to big web design agencies, employees are divided in different departments. Each division has its own particular tasks and in general, these divisions are united in delivering the best project to clients. If you are more curious about web design agency then you can learn more about it on

Design department

This is the division that takes care of the graphics of the website as well as the layout. How your website appears to viewer is handled by the said department. They are the creative agency which gives color and life to the website.

Programming the site, how the site provides you with the necessary things needed by the viewer or site visitor is being taken care of by this department.

Marketing department

Most of the company-client relationships are being handled by this department. They are in charge in promoting the services and output to client as well as in the monitoring of sales within a period of time.

IT Department

ITs handles the webpage’s hosting. A host is a third party that keeps your website functional. The host is incharge for loading the images and videos uploaded in your website.

If you are seeking employment in Web Design Agency or Creative agency, one must explore the different department and fits one’s qualifications to the different positions in the agency.

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